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Solar Products

We have everything to power the small weekend cottage, to the full service remote home.

This full time off-grid  home power system represents the state of the art in renewable energy  technology, and comes complete with everything required.

The UHPS is an integrated  generator / inverter / solar system package to provide virtually unlimited AC  power to a remote home. It combines the benefits of solar energy while  maximizing the efficiency and minimizing the use of the back-up generator. With  a powerful pure sine wave inverter, clean, almost limitless energy is supplied.  In addition, the UHPS is fully automatic, starting and running the back-up  generator only when it is needed to supplement the solar system.

Solar Panels

The Ultimate Solar Home

The advantage of these  systems is that they are fully integrated, with all components selected for  compatibility. All safety disconnects and fusing have been provided, offering  full protection to the users and the equipment. In addition, Try Smith personnel  will assist your local electrician with installation. Engineered to meet all code regulations, the UHPS comes complete with everything a power system needs  up to the AC distribution panel.

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